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Together, we’ll bring your manufacturing dreams to life

From metal powders designed and tested with additive manufacturing to advanced component production.

Enabling optimized solutions, new design possibilities and faster time to market.

We provide support to our customer for challenges in materials, R&D, design/engineering, testing and manufacturing of their AM products. The result? Customers can reduce time to market, shorten their supply chains and improve the performance of their components.
We are experts in the production and processing of atomized metal powders. We have extensive expertise in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial components. We know the AM challenges and needs of our customers’ industries.

Additive Manufacturing

From metal powder atomization to advanced component production and assembly, Oerlikon provides AM (Additive Manufacturing) services for industrial companies all over the world.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions
Metal Powders | Prototyping | Series Production

Oerlikon AM offers a broad portfolio of AM-tested metal powders, as well as custom alloy development services. Advanced component manufacturing services enable rapid prototyping during early design phases and scale up to series production with qualified materials and processes. 

Enhanced geometric freedom
Formerly complex or impossible geometry becomes simple when AM design principles guide you in new designs.

Fully optimized performance
AM enables you to manufacture designs with fewer components, lower mass, and added features to optimize performance for each application.

Shorter innovation cycles
Innovative products can now be designed, tested and developed more rapidly without delays from expensive tooling and prototype fabrication.

Shorter supply chain
AM’s unrelenting efficiency streamlines production, which allows you to cut supplier, transportation and warehousing costs.

Customization made easy
AM’s flexibility translates into tailor-made manufacturing at lower unit cost, whether you have small production batches or mass customization of components.

Driving new business models
AM offers parts built on demand anywhere in the development cycle, enabling shorter time to market and more competitive business models.

Products & Services for this application

Aerospace project antenna bracket Sentinel satellite


Optimize antenna design for strength and weight. Every single gram saves significant fuel cost for the ascent to space exploration


Oerlikon consolidated antenna into a robust single-part design. Antenna produced by metal additive manufacturing. Weight reduced by 40%.

Antenna bracket for Sentinel satellites — certified for use in outer space

Oerlikon’s citim produced the advanced components for the
antenna, while RUAG was responsible for project management, design
optimization and testing.